You have now stumbeled upon Engetsu.net, a small, but very cozy, network consisting of many different pages created by many different people. We're currently under construction, but these are the sites which are up and running so far:

- Everchanging: Sakuya's Blog
- Lene's World: Lene's Blog
- The Nonbiri Chronicles: Sakuya's Japanese travel blog (Norwegian)
- A Tall Girl's Travel to Japan: Tharanee's blog (Norwegian)
- N.C.L. - Norwegian Cosplay Legion: Forum

Looking for people / hosting

Since I have way to much space on this thing, I would really like to have a couple of more people involved in the network. Thus, I am willing to host pages for free for you guys. There's a couple of catches though, as it depends on the site you want to create. I have lots of space, but it's not unlimited. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested. :3